We're Building a Rat Rod

This is how we found her setting.
She's a 1948 KB6 International. She was used on a farm for Hauling Haybales.
We bought it and had a vision of a Unique Rat Rod

We stripped her down and removed all the glass. We chopped the doors first, They welded up nice and you can't even see the cut lines now. (had to put it on to see what she looked like.)

Off with her head, She got a 4" Chop. Building the frame, Heavy Duty. Geting the Rear Axel set up. Running Old School Mags with Cheater Slicks...

Setting up the 4 link, It will also have a panhard bar, Don't want any side to side sway.

Yep it's got a 9" Ford rearend out of a 76 Ford Lincoln, It Will have a Detroit Locker.(The front spring is just on it to keep the axel from rolling over as we get measurements)

This is her so far, We set part of the bed on there to see where we're at and man she looks good! Anxious as hell to get her goin'. I will post more as we get it. Only get to work on 'er on weekends. So kind…